why work for Randstad

At Randstad, we aim to provide the career and lifestyle support options that enable our people to select their own paths, make their own choices and build their future the way they want to.  

Our teams 
Regardless of the country, the city, or the office, Randstad offers an environment built on strong, supportive and friendly teams. Our people are our biggest asset, and we take pride in the fact they truly love working together – and socialising together. Energy, innovation and team spirit are important to our people, and provide a base that continues to lead to success.

Our work 
Our work environment is built on the dedication of our people. With a commitment to matching candidates to work that truly fulfills them, and businesses with employees who will build their success, we are focused on providing an informed, comprehensive and personal service. We consider ourselves more than just recruiters – we are partners in our clients’ and candidates’ mission for success.

Our leaders 
At Randstad, our leaders are people who have worked their way through the ranks to our senior positions – this is a point of pride for us. It is our policy to promote 80% of our leadership team from within. Our people openly acknowledge the strong and inspiring vision provided by our leaders, locally and abroad, and many aspire to provide the same strength of leadership in the future.

At Randstad, our people are our greatest assets, and as one of our four core building blocks to success, having the “best people” is an integral part of shaping our future.

Our founder, Frits Goldschmeding, was a pioneer in the labor market in the 1960s. The entrepreneurial spirit he instilled is still alive in the Randstad culture today. We ensure that our people are given the best work environment, training, opportunities and support so that they can develop to their full potential.

Randstad is known for continuing to adhere to and live by the core values established in its early days: to know, serve and trust, striving for perfection and simultaneous promotion of all interests. 

Our culture is and always has been open, friendly, professional and driven. In fact, the diversity of the company and our market is so dynamic that many people stay with us for a long time. 

Within Randstad, there are many opportunities to develop yourself. Creating lateral career paths, inter-departmental transfers and overseas secondments offers employees a new level of career diversity.

consulting positions

  • Associate Consultant
  • Recruitment Consultant - Permanent/Contract
  • Senior Recruitment Consultant - Permanent/Contract
  • Principal Consultant

management & senior management positions

  • Team Leader
  • Associate Director
  • Director
  • Strategic Accounts Director

infrastructure positions

  • Administration & Office support
  • Business Improvement & Analysis
  • Finance (shared service)
  • IT (shared service)
  • Marketing & Communications
  • Human Resources
  • Learning & Development
  • Legal
For expressions of interest, please contact Karin Chen, Talent Acquisition Manager at karin.chen@randstad.com.my.

We understand that people are looking for more than remuneration to know they are valued. We value our people as our biggest asset, and have introduced an outstanding benefits package – available to all employees – to show them just how important they are to our company.

When working for Randstad, as a permanent employee, you can expect:

  • Share purchase plan – own a little slice of Randstad and reap the rewards!
  • Generous medical insurance coverage
  • Above industry commission structure
  • Mobile phone 
  • Birthday Leave
  • Sales Incentives
  • Quarterly and annual awards
  • Industry leading & learning development program
  • Mentoring program
  • Internal referral program – cash rewards for referring great people to our business

The most valuable brand in the industry attracts the best people. When working with us you are ensured of working with the industry’s best talent. Our employees consistently tell us that career development opportunities, professionalism of co-workers and our vision and values are unique in the world of recruitment.

developing our people 

"At Randstad we hire our people for a career and not only for a job." - Marielle de Macker, Managing Director, Group HR

world league program

For our functions, finance, HR, marketing and communications, legal and IT, we offer accelerated talent development programs. The program starts with a separate appraisal and
individual career development plan that helps us identify high potential candidates in the early stages of their careers. We then support these individuals with personalized training and development programs that may include international cross-functional projects, job rotations, mentoring responsibilities and international training programs.

Frits Goldschmeding Academy

One of Randstad's HR priorities is the development of employees and we are grateful to Frits Goldschmeding, our founder, for his continuous support in making this a reality. We strongly believe that careers within the organization should grow with a deep understanding of our business and our culture. The Frits Goldschmeding Academy supports our future leaders and enables them to develop the skills and strategic management capabilities to ensure their success within the global business context. 

Aligned with the opportunity to build an outstanding career, is the chance to truly celebrate your achievements.

Randstad’s quarterly and annual awards enable our company to come together, recognise our group achievements, socialise and acknowledge the ‘above and beyond efforts’ of our friends and colleagues. 

We also have several ways of recognising our high achievers, including entry to our exclusive Directors Club, where members are treated to a range of additional outings, rewards and opportunities to be mentored by the director.

Our Employee Value Proposition reflects the deal between Randstad and its employees. This deal expresses what Randstad offers in return for the contribution and performance of its employees. It is what makes us unique and differentiates us from the competition. In other words, it answers the question: why should someone join and/or stay at Randstad? 

As we are the most valuable brand in the industry, we attract the best people. When working with us, you are ensured of working with the industry’s best talent. Our employees consistently tell us that career development opportunities, the professionalism of co-workers, and our vision and values are unique in the world of recruitment.

Our employees had the last say in putting our Employee Value Proposition together. We involved around 800 employees from different levels, concepts and geographies in this creative process, which ultimately resulted in 'Great People, Great Opportunities'. According to 79% of the respondents, Randstad is currently able to deliver on this promise.