building a standout employer brand.

Randstad Employer Brand Award.

The Randstad Employer Brand Award 2017 survey was conducted with approximately 4,500 respondents locally. The results include the top 75 most attractive companies in Malaysia, the most important factors among job seekers when choosing an employer, as well as the attractiveness of an industry sector compared to others.

about the award.

In today's competitive job market, employer branding is a crucial tool for attracting and retaining the right kind of talent. A stellar employer brand helps recruit skilled and promising new employees, and it enhances their loyalty by increasing their identification with the company. It also raises an organisation’s visibility in the job market and enables it to stand out from the competition.

survey information.

Every year, through an internet survey, respondents aged 18 to 65 who form a representative sample are asked to evaluate their countries' largest employers against 10 key factors. The companies are shortlisted based on size and winners are selected solely based on the appeal of their employer brands across the key factors.


what makes it different?

Unlike similar surveys, we do not invite HR officers, staff members or experts to take part in the survey - this guarantees maximum objectivity. The respondents are asked to identify the companies they recognise and to indicate whether or not they would like to work for them. In the next step, they evaluate the relative attractiveness of each of the selected companies based on 10 key factors including salary and benefits, work atmosphere and job satisfaction.

Each company has made a unique mark of their own on the Malaysian employment landscape. The REBR will differentiate Randstad as a thought leader in the HR world. We thrive to build world-class expertise about employer branding, employees, employers and sectors. We’re excited about doing this for the second time in Malaysia and we look forward to influence decision-makers at the top and live up to the claim of shaping the world of work.

Ryan Carroll - Director, Randstad Malaysia