the recruiters guide to your CV and cover letter

the recruiters guide to your CV and cover letter
As expert recruiters we see thousands of CVs every day. Jobseekers are always asking us if their CV is good enough or if they have the right skills to land their dream role. To really get to the bottom of this issue we have created a one-stop insider’s guide to creating the perfect CV and cover letter based on our experience.

The first step of being a successful applicant is to create a top-class CV and cover letter. 

your CV

Your CV is the first opportunity you are given to make a strong statement about your skills and what you can offer a company. Consider your CV as your advertisement, your very own marketing campaign, it’s the tool to attract potential employers to you. If you can positively say that you have ticked all of these boxes then you may already have a great CV, if not it’s time to get refining:

  • Make your summary punchy and to the point so you get their attention in the first few seconds. 
  • Make sure your summary is relevant for the job you are applying for, and be prepared to alter it for each application. 
  • Make sure you highlight all of your relevant experience and be prepared to back it up with examples and achievements.
  • Keep your photo professional.  The jury is out on whether a photo is needed on a CV, but if you make the choice to include a photo, ensure that it’s professional and one you are proud of.  Photos from your night out in the weekend are less than appropriate! (We’ve seen plenty of them over the years!)

your cover letter

Your cover letter, though not always required, should serve as a companion piece to your CV. The cover letter should elaborate on what has been stated in the resume and provide examples of how you applied particular skills to add value to previous employers. A cover letter is also the most obvious way to demonstrate your communication abilities, so it needs to be strong and to the point. And don’t forget: the role is there to be taken - ask for it!

In order to immediately catch our attention we need to see your relevant skills and experience straight away.  A well-worded cover letter showing off your relevant skills and experience will put you well on your way to an interview.Keep it brief, to the point and relevant to the role you are applying for. A long-winded cover letter is an immediate put off to a potential employer.

Posted: Friday, 21 April 2017 - 9:00 AM