real job vs. fake job.

This is the first article of a four-part series where we will be offering suggestions to help you stay safe in your job search.

How do you know if the job advertisement is real or fake? What are the telling signs to look out for?

Here are some tips to help you identify a fake job advertisement so you can prevent yourself from becoming a victim to one of the many job scams.

Signs of a Fake Job Advertisement:

1. the job is too good to be true

You are a fresh graduate looking for your very first job and come across a job advertisement on Facebook or Whatsapp about a job offer for more than RM 50,000 (SGD 17,000) per annum. However, you would find out later from other reputable sources that the industry average for the job is only at RM 30,000 (SGD 10,000) per annum. This is the first sign that the job posting is likely to be fake.

If you ever come across this type of bogus offer, make sure to delete, unfollow and block the number straight away.

2. vague job description

Job scammers are experts at making the fake job offers look real by listing very specific job requirements. However, these requirements are often irrelevant and false. In addition, job-related skills are sometimes not included in the list of job requirements of the bogus offer.

Some irrelevant job requirements that scammers include are: 

  • Must have a valid passport
  • No relevant experience needed
  • Willing to travel overseas

You can choose to ignore the advertisement or call the employer directly to ask for the full job description to determine its authenticity.

3. sent from a personal email

One of the biggest giveaway is the email address that the bogus job offer has been sent from. If it’s sent from a personal email account and has a domain such as ‘’ or ‘’, it is definitely sent from a job scammer.

Real job offers are sent from a company’s registered email domain such as ‘’. Some experienced job scammers create template emails that are similar to the company’s domain but may include a hyphen that most people will not notice. Therefore, it is important to always be careful and look out for the small details.

4. you have been asked to transfer money

After replying to the fake job offer, you will typically be asked to transfer money or pay cash to the job scammer to cover expenses required to confirm the job.

These scammers will usually ask for payment to cover the following fake ‘expenses’:

  • Insurance
  • Medical test
  • Travel visa/work visa application

It’s important for you to note that recruitment agencies and employers will pay for any expenses required to confirm the job opportunity. At Randstad, we will never ask you for money or financial remuneration of any kind to help you in your job search.

5. job offers you didn’t apply for

The most obvious sign of a fake job offer is receiving one that you did not even apply for. When a recruitment agency or an employer randomly selects you and sends you a job offer without any other form of prior communications with you, it is highly likely to be a bogus advertisement.

If you are looking and have applied for multiple job offers, remember to keep a record of the ones you have applied for to ensure that you are able to filter and remove any bogus job offers.

If you suspect that you are a target of a job scam or have already been scammed, reach out to your local authorities immediately to report the crime.

By filing a report with the local authorities, you are helping us raise awareness of job scams and protecting your family and friends from becoming victims of scams.

You can also submit an e-report to the following Malaysian authorities:

Malaysia Communications & Multimedia Commission (MCMC) Complaint Portal

Malaysian Computer Emergency Response Team
Email address:

By filing a report with the local authorities, you are helping us raise awareness of job scams and protecting your family and friends from becoming victims of scams.

If you are looking to start your job search, get in touch with us and submit your cv.

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  • 19/04/2018 Nathan
    Thanks for the education I recently applied for a job with jobs twenty four seven jobs agency and they are asking me to pay 2200 usd before coming there and the job come with now experience.
  • 11/10/2018 Dr. K. Gandhi
    Dear sir..,
    I received job offer from employer of Mashreq InternationalSchool, 10th Street,Musaffah Shaabiya, PO Box 1285721, Abu Dhabi,UAE.
    aactually I didn't attained any direct interview but submitted my resume for their response. employment offer letter given below. kindly find out the same employment is genuine or fake.
    Thanking you
    Gandhi K

    MASHREQ INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL HUMAN RESOURCE DEPARTMENT Mashreq International school,10th Street, Musaffah Shaabiya, PO Box 1285721, Abu Dhabi, UAE Tel: +971 26738200 Email:
    October 09, 2018
    Confidential & Strictly Private
    After the evaluationof your documents, we found you qualified to work with our Team. Hence Mashreq International school Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirate seeks to employ your services for the provision of services as stipulated in the following acts in this document. This document embodies the approved Terms for the purpose of this contract. Thank you for your interest in Mashreq International school Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirate In terms of authority vested in us by the School, we are pleased to offer you a position of VICE PRINCIPAL with the School effective from November 3rd, 2018 on the following Terms &Conditions.
    1.Your assignment will be at the Mashreq International school, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirate. It’s a pre-requisitefor employment with the School that all employees agree that while their appointment is to specific office, the Schoolhas a right to post an employee to any of its offices Within United Arab Emirate or abroad, where his or her service ismay be required.
    2.The Commencement date of your employment contract shall be the day you actually join the employer's job location.
    3.Your appointment will be according to the Mashreq International School, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirate Staff ServiceRules currently in Force. You will be entitled to
    •Medical Benefit as per the school policy.
    •Tax Free Salary
    •Children Education allowances.
    •Yearly air fare to home country for family.
    •Free transport &Vehicle Finance as perSchool policy.
    •End of Service Benefits as per UAE law.
    •30 days annual paid leave for allStaff.Paid Sick Leave as per UAE Law.
    Participation in the Mashreq International SchoolEmployees' Provident Fund upon Confirmation ofservice.
    4. MONTHLY SALARY: You will eligible to receive the amount of Eighteen Thousand Five Hundred Emirati Dirham (AED 18,500) Monthly /take-home after tax deduction. Salary increases will be negotiated to take effect at the beginning of each renewal period.ALLOWANCES/ ENTITLEMENTS:
    Car Maintenance: AED 3,200 (Monthly) House & Furnishings: AED 30,500 (Yearly) Entertainment & Recreation: AED 2,000 (Monthly) Travel & Events: AED 1,500 (Monthly)
    5.You will be on probation for a period of Three months. During the probationary period, the servicecontract can be terminated if serious offense is committed.
    5.1 TRAVEL PLANS/ RE-LOCATION: Expenses made/incurred by the Employee related to job before commencement of duties or Expenses made during Travel Plans, Processing of Travel Particulars etc. will be substantiated with receipts and Employer will re-imburse the Employee not later than Five (5) working days after submission of Employee’s Expense Report and Receipts as proofs of such Expenses. On no account will Employer accept to shoulder costs for Travel Expenses of Employee before Work sign-on. This is to possibly evade losses that may be accrued to Employer should Employee decide to decline Job Offer or rather be delayed by her Current Employer after certain Expenses must have been made by Employer. The agreement hereby binds Employer and Employee in that re-imbursements will be made fully to Employees upon presentation of Expense Reports and Receipts of Expenses. Employer shall also take care of Employee’s Travel ticket including that of Employee’s family only on Employee’s early notification to Employer and as shall be requested by Employee. NON-UAE RESIDENTS: All Employees will initially pay for their Residence/Work Permits,which will be refunded back upon arrival as a proof of their seriousness to join us, and they have to contact Al Mina Travel & TOUR LLC – UAE, in this regard. UPFRONT PAYMENT OF SALARIES: The two monthly salaries shall be paid in advance before Employees embark on journey to assume duty. This is to enable Employees settle all domestic needs before travel. As such no excuses will be entertained on assumption of duty relating to default. Employees are to note that 3-months upfront salaries are paid as soon as they procure and process the relevant Residence/Work Permit Documents through Al Mina Travel & Tours LLC and submit it to our Human Resources Department for Verification.
    6.It is a condition of your employment that you will not divulge any information relating to the School or any of itsconstituents or employees received by you in the course of your employment. Also while you are in the employment ofthe School you are not entitled to accept any other employment.
    7.Should you wish to terminate your employment with the school after confirmation, you will be required to give threemonths’ written in advance of the last working date, failing which you will be required to make payment equivalent ofthree month's basic salary that you were receiving from school at the time of notice. Similarly if the School wished toterminate your employment with or without any reason, it will give you three months’ notice, failing which it will makea similar payment in lieu thereof.
    8.The School's Service rules are subject to revision/modification at the School's discretion.
    9.You are mandated to provide all your Credentials, stating you’re Education Qualifications, Experiences and charactercertificates upon the day of your arrival to the Human Resources Department.
    10.You are to render your services 07:00 and 08:00hrs and ends between 14:00 and 15:00hrs, with a standard lunch break.
    11.You are requested to submit all the requisite documents/references to Human Resources Department at least three days priorto your date of joining as per instructions attached.
    12.Please note that any statement given by you and information provided by you, if found to be incorrect or in case of failure onyour part to comply with any of the above terms of appointment, will render your service liable to terminate without anynotice or any salary in lieu thereof.
    Please signify that the above terms and conditions of appointment are acceptable to you by signing and scan to us a copy of this letter, subsequent to which this employment offer would not be valid.
    If you accept the terms and condition of employment, please remember that Mashreq International school,Abu Dhabi,is unique in its aims and objectives. We therefore require a very sincere attitude in your undertakings.
    Mr. Khalid Mohammed
    Dr. Francis Osborne
    Head Recruitment
    Human Resources Department.
    Human Resources Department.
    I acknowledge that I have received, read through and understand the contents of this Appointment letter and the suite of documents recording the terms and conditions of my employment and the School’s policy on various matters.
    Signature: Date:
  • 25/10/2018 Lysander London
    It is a fake job scam. Read
  • 24/12/2018 Harshali chavan
    Sir I read advertisement in news paper but I doubt on this .website is

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