With new employment challenges arising from the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses must be prepared to adapt. How can you continue maintaining profitability while dealing with a fall in production, demand, and revenue, yet at the same time meet your legal obligations and manage the welfare of your employees?

The Malaysian Society for Labour and Social Security Law (MSLSSL), in partnership with the Malaysian Current Law Journal (CLJ) held the MSLSSL Employment Virtual Conference: Coping with New Realm of Realities on Wednesday, 12 August 2020. 

Sarah Kate Lee, Head of Legal in Randstad Malaysia, Singapore & Hong Kong, alongside like-minded experienced speakers from the legal industry, discussed the reducing workforce, businesses sustainability and the way forward for organisations. The conference sought to help participants keep abreast with the latest developments in labour and employment laws, better prepare them for the myriad of challenges and well-equipped them to better anticipate and manage risks.

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Sarah Kate Lee

Regional Legal Counsel Head, Randstad Singapore, Hongkong, & Malaysia


Jaya Dass

Managing Director, Randstad Singapore & Malaysia