what does the Randstad Employer Brand Research mean to an organisation?

In an age when an organisation’s ability to outperform its competitors relies so significantly on the collective effort of its people, the Randstad Employer Brand Research is an invaluable tool for assisting companies to shape their employer branding messages to be more in tune with their target audience.

Furthermore, it is about recognising companies who have managed to be able to achieve a harmonious balance between their brand awareness and brand attractiveness from an employee perception perspective.

why does the Randstad Employer Brand Research use workforce/employee size as the main criteria for participating companies?

To ensure that the award remains objective, entry to the Randstad Employer Brand Research is not by nomination. Instead, it is based on selecting the top 75 companies in Malaysia by workforce/employee size. This allows the award to recognise organisations that generate the most number of employment opportunities for the local market.

The Randstad Employer Brand Research is also unique on the basis that the eventual winner is selected from what is effectively the world’s largest working demographic survey into employer branding – making it the only prize that truly represents the people’s choice of most attractive company in Malaysia.

This means that the outcome is based on public perception, i.e. what the public really thinks about the participating companies. However, we recognise that companies with a lower public profile could be at a disadvantage compared to large corporations with a higher name recognition. To create a level playing field, the Randstad Employer Brand Research focuses on a company's overall brand awareness (i.e. "do you know this company well enough to have a perception about it?") as well as attractiveness (i.e. "based on what you know, would you like to work for this company?"). It is the companies that have the best balance between brand awareness and brand attractiveness that are crowned our winners.

with such a competitive landscape for good talent, how can small and medium enterprises build their employer brands among more established brands? What do employees today look out for?

When someone chooses to join a company, it is often about the job title, scope and money – there is no denying this. However, it is also increasingly about work-life balance, as well as working for a brand they believe in.

SMEs, like large corporations, have a purpose for their existence. They provide a particular value to society, regardless if they are business-to-business or business-to-consumer firms. This rise in wanting to work for a company that exists for something greater than shareholder return is what we often refer to as “conscious capitalism” and it is one of the major reasons why talent will choose to join and stay.

Furthermore, SMEs can offer a much broader exposure base for employees – whether it be across multiple projects, different industries, exposure to working one-on-one with senior leaders and generally running an entire business. This can often prove unique as compared to specialising in one particular function within a large corporation.

Employer branding is made more challenging with today's multi-generational workforce who come with different aspirations, motivations and expectations.

how can I craft an employer brand that will resonate with these different groups of people?

If you break down what comprises an employer brand, it is about distilling the essence that makes a company a good employer and defining its core beliefs. If a company is clear about its purpose, values, commitment to diversity and drive to engage talent from all walks of life, then its employer brand will be attractive to multiple sectors of the workforce regardless of age or generation.

if there is one piece of advice you could give clients on developing their employer brands, what would it be?

Take time to communicate to your staff, and the wider society, your purpose and the great things you do. Focus on building a robust engagement strategy across traditional or digital platforms that are relevant to your target audience. Every day, employees accomplish great things - serving a customer well, making a difference to someone or contributing to something of importance. More often than not, these achievements are not shared. Companies who understand that this is now an age of information and real-time updates will be better able to keep audiences engaged and connected to what it means to be a part of their brands.

Lastly but not least, use your people. These days, people often believe what others say about a company rather than what a company says about itself (think Glassdoor and TripAdvisor). Find simple ways to share your employees' positive testimonials with your target market and it will make a world of difference.

if my company is not within the top 75, can I still gain access to Randstad's Employer Brand Research?

In line with our mission to shape the world of work, we offer complimentary access to the overall Malaysia market report for companies that are not within the top 75.

However, if you would like to have a company report in future, we would be happy to include your organisation in our annual research programme for a token fee, and customise an employer branding report specifically for your organisation. This in-depth research will include an analysis of your employer brand and how it ranks in terms of key attractiveness factors among your primary competitors. The report will also offer unique insights on job seekers' motivations and work preferences, as well as practical advice on how you can improve your employer brand to attract and retain the best talent in the market.

If you are keen to find out more, please send an email to contactus@randstad.com.my.