rise of the contract worker.

More and more people are choosing a contingent work style — that is, temporary work that may be project-based or time-based. Increasingly, contractor positions are being held by the best and brightest. 

working with us.

Contracting is particularly rewarding as it enables you to gain a vast amount of experience from diverse assignments. 

Many of the contractors cite a variety of benefits, including but not limited to:

  • greater flexibility
  • broader experience and opportunity to diversify skills
  • favorable pay conditions, sometimes earning up to twice as much as their permanent counterparts

From large multinational companies through to small-to-medium enterprises, Randstad Talent's contracting team is dedicated to bringing best fit IT professionals across various industries.

We work across the full breadth of industry verticals:

  • Banking, Financial Services
  • Insurance
  • IT & Telecommunications
  • Manufacturing & Engineering
  • FMCG
  • Technology Services

As a contractor, you are part of the Randstad Talent family and have a vital role in meeting our clients' ever-changing requirements. We are committed to supporting you in your career development. Through a number of contractor care initiatives, from training to events, we aim to provide you with a positive and rewarding work experience every time.


  • does Randstad Talent have standards and protocols that I need to follow?
    • Randstad expects you to respect the rights of others and to treat them fairly. Harassment of any kind is not acceptable and could result in the conclusion of an assignment. Similarly, should you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation, do not hesitate to contact your Consultant.
    • When you enter different work environments you will be exposed to confidential or personal and sensitive information. Please ensure you keep all information confidential, even once your assignment has finished and do not breach your contract of service with Randstad and its clients.
    • When accessing a client’s computer network which includes e-mail, the internet and various software programmes, please remember they must be used for business purposes only and that confidentiality of passwords and information is paramount. The use of any systems for personal
      use or offensive / obscene material is unacceptable and may result in the conclusion of your assignment.
    • Except in the case of an emergency, please make personal phone calls only during breaks. Leave
      mobile phones off and diverted to your voicemail during work hours.
    • Be aware that all work places strictly enforce a non- smoking policy.
  • how will my pay rates be decided?

    Your pay rate will be given by your consultant prior to the beginning of each assignment.

  • my salary doesn't look right, what do I do?

    You can send all payroll queries to payroll@randstad.com.my and our team will assist.

  • what is payroll cut-off and the payment date?

    Our usual cut off date for time sheets is the 26th for the month by 12pm, unless an alternative pay date is requested by the client.

    Cut off dates we are based on standard contractors. Some employers may differ. For specifics, please speak to your consultant.

    This will be updated on a yearly basis and communicated to you via email. Please be advise that
    there may be changes in payroll cut off dates due to public holidays. Payroll will advise in advance
    of the changes via email.

    Please ensure that your current personal email address is updated in our
    system to ensure your receive reminders of our payroll cut off or any changes due to public holidays.

    Failing to provide your timesheet on or before the payroll cut off will result in delay in payment.

  • when do I get paid?

    Once your timesheet has been submitted and all details are correct, we aim to pay within four working

  • why was I not paid for this month?

    Here are a few possible reasons as to why you have not been paid:

    • For new hires- payroll did not receive your completed documents including your ID by payroll cut off?
    • You have provided incorrect bank details to payroll. You MUST provide the following bank details:
      your bank account name as set up with your bank, your bank code (3 digits), your bank branch code (3 digits) and your bank account number (usually 9 digits).
    • You have not submitted your completed and APPROVED timesheet to payroll by cut off.
  • when can I receive my payslip?

    You have access to your payslip via our MyRandstad portal on payment date. Please download your pay slips as needed.

  • how do I submit my expense claims?

    All expenses must be approved by the client prior to incurring the expense, and prior to payment being

    Expense claim reimbursements are made at the same time as your monthly or weekly pay. Should expenses be received after the pay run, then they will be paid the following month. Claims made without a valid receipt will be held until one is provided.

  • when will I receive my bonus payment if I am entitled to one?

    Should a bonus payment be part of your contractual arrangement, then this will only be paid following signed authorisation of the client. This is usually done at the end of your contract period.

  • how do I submit my timesheet?

    Randstad Talent’s e-timesheeting system allows you to submit your timesheet via our web portal, myRandstad.

    Your Consultant will set you up and a link with the instructions will be emailed to you. Once your timesheet is submitted and authorised, you will receive an email notification that your timesheet has been approved.

    Some Randstad Talent clients use their own timesheets or shift attendance systems and provide the shift information directly to us. If you are placed at one of these sites, your Randstad Talent consultant will make sure you get all the instructions and training you need to get you started.

    All completed timesheet and expense claims with receipts MUST be approved and then emailed to payroll@randstad.com.my on or before the payroll cut off. Please ensure all details are clear and easy to read to avoid delay of payment. 

  • how can I get the log-in details for MyRandstad?

    After your first pay has been processed, you will receive an email from our MyRandstad portal which will contain your log-in details. Keep an eye out for this email.

  • how do I update my details on MyRandstad?

    Please send an email to payroll@randstad.com.my and copy your consultant for any personal details
    changes. E.g. bank details, address, name, martial status, contact number, email address etc.

  • what is the process for making a leave request?

    Annual leave should be agreed on between yourself, your consultant and the client prior to taking
    leave. This will ensure that full coverage is available whilst you are away.

    If you intend to take sick/medical leave, then we ask you to notify us as early as possible before you are due to start work on the day that is intended as sick leave. If that is not practicable, you must notify us as early as possible after that time.

    A Leave Request form must also be completed and signed by the client, along with a medical certificate.

  • how is my annual leave accrued?

    This depends on the following:

    • Your contract i.e. your annual leave entitlements and
    • Your contract MUST exceed 3 months with Randstad.
    • If you are a part- time staff, you must work over 18 hours a week to qualify for annual leave.

    The formula for accruing annual leave as follows:

    Total length of service per year/365 days x leave entitlement per year (as per your contract).

  • upon resignation, how is my unused annual leave paid?

    This depends on your agreement on leave encashment calculations. The standard leave encashment is calculated as below:


    (Last months salary x 12 / 365 days) x number of unused leave (leave accrued less leave taken)

  • how do I calculate my sick leave?

    Sick leave is paid based on Malaysia Employment ordinance or you may also refer to your contract for your sick leave entitlements.

  • how to get my employment reference?

    Employment reference will be provided upon request. You may send the email request to your consultant and the employment reference letter will be ready around 2 weeks upon payroll team received the request.

business principles and misconduct reporting procedure

  • Randstad recognises the need to always act with integrity and respect human rights. Our business principles are set around and supportive of our core values – to know, to serve, to trust; striving for perfection; and simultaneous promotion of all interests. They guide us to do what is right.

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  • We expect all Randstad employees and contractors to conduct themselves responsibly in the workplace at all times and in accordance with our business principles. To protect our employers, employees and contractors, we treat workplace misconduct as a very serious matter. When you suspect, or have witnessed or evidence of any serious misconduct within or relating to Randstad, please report it in accordance with the misconduct reporting procedure.

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As a contractor, you are part of the Randstad family. Contact us directly or if you have a quick query. You can also start a live chat with our customer experience agents if they’re online by clicking the tab on the right.

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