our sponsorships make a difference.

make a difference. sharing expertise helps to achieve common goals.

At Randstad, we're committed to shaping the world of work in every industry that we specialise in. As part of our ongoing dedication, we sponsor and partner with industry associations and professional bodies in Malaysia.

Williams Martini Formula 1 Racing.

Randstad is the official partner of the Williams Martini Formula 1 Racing Team, and have been now since 2006. Both Randstad and Williams have a similar belief in talented teams performing to the best of their abilities and both organisations are always “striving for perfection”...


Through shaping the world of work, we aim to make a positive contribution to society. Randstad is the global employability partner for Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO), a development charity that fights poverty through people, matching volunteers' skills with the needs of communities in the developing world.

clipper stad amsterdam.

The Clipper is fully sea-worthy and offers trainee positions to individuals seeking work experience in operating sailing vessels as well as in the hospitality industry.