If you’re stuck in a mundane working routine knowing when the right time is to find a new job can be grueling. Finding a new job and knowing where to start can be challenging but doing something you love or at least enjoy is essential.

If you find yourself experiencing several of these challenges when it comes to work, it is probably the right time to change job and start thinking about your next career move to something better!

5 warning signs you need a new job:

1. feeling underappreciated.

Putting in extra hours at work and pushing yourself to the best of your ability for your hard work to go unnoticed can be demotivating.

Being made to feel underappreciated impacts your daily motivation at the workplace. This can lead to anger, frustration and resentment - none of which are healthy.

If you’re feeling undervalued, it might be time to go somewhere you'll be respected and appreciated for your work.

2. you're weary.

Feeling a little bored within a job is normal - after all, every role comes with its share of tedium.

However, if you’re experiencing long-term boredom this could be a problem and if you've found your job boring for 6-12 months, try having a conversation with your manager about how you’re feeling and what can you do differently.

Ask for more responsibility, new challenges and ongoing training opportunities. If you don’t see changes after your chat consider whether you'll be happy at your company in the long term, or whether it's time to think about moving on.

3. fixed in a routine.

You should always be developing and learning no matter where you are in your career. Think back to the past 12 months, have you learned new things and acquired a new set of skills?

If not, you may be stagnating. If you are not being given new projects or responsibilities it may be better to find an employer who will be committed to your continual growth.

4. feeling anxious.

Struggling to sleep at night or spending your Sundays dreading the thought of work? Take the time to listen to your body, don’t miss the physical signs.

Anxiety about work could manifest itself as lack of energy, lack of appetite, restlessness, poor sleep and general irritability.

If workplace stress is impacting you after hours, on the weekends and even while you sleep (or don't sleep), consider whether it's healthy to stay where you are.

4. constantly talking about work?

You have just finished work for the day, yet you find yourself wanting to vent and talk about your day at work constantly.

Talking about a bad day here or there with your family and friends is normal — but when you come home day after day unable to focus on anything but work-related stress, that can be a warning sign.

Reflect on how you talk about your job, perhaps ask your family and loved ones what themes come up when you talk about work. If they're mostly negative this could be a sign to look for a new job.

These five warning signs can help you with your decision on whether it’s time to find a new job or not.

It is important you take the time to reflect and start thinking about what you want your life to look like — what kind of job you want, what kind of environment you want to work in and what kind of relationship you want with your career.

if you have spotted the signs, these are clear indicators that it’s time to move on and leave your job.

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