5 best out of office messages: templates and examples

Out of office messages are necessary for you to convey your absence to those trying to reach you. They account for the delay in your response when you step out of the office or go on vacation. They do not, however, have to be mundane. 

Out of office emails are a good way to insert a little bit of your personality or humour into the corporate environment, and there’s no doubt we all enjoy receiving creative auto-replies as well.

what should I put on my out of office message?

Here are some interesting out of office email templates for various occasions, with a few that are a little cheeky to keep things light and fun.

 It is also worth noting that you should take your company’s culture and communication policies into consideration before setting up a non-standard auto-reply. 

1.  classic out of office email reply template

If you’re working in a no-nonsense environment or would not like to risk appearing unprofessional, you can’t go wrong with a classic out of office email. It should clearly state the purpose and aim of the auto-reply, and provide an alternative contact in case of an emergency. The overall tone should be polite and pleasant, and it could look something like this:

out of office email template annual leave

2. fun facts

If you’re looking to shake things up, you can consider inserting some fun facts into your out-of-office emails, and share some information you find interesting with the people who are contacting you. It would also be a good idea to share a fun fact that is relevant to the industry you work in.

out of office message funny

3. pop culture reference 

There is no shame in taking time off to watch a long-awaited TV series or a movie that brings a 21-film series to a close. If you are willing to potentially appear quirky yet very relatable, you can be honest about it in your out-of-office email.

out of office message pop culture reference

4. clever   

To liven things up and give the person who emails you a good laugh or eye-roll, you can attempt to inject some sarcastic humour in your out-of-office email. However, this only applies if you’re working in an environment where being clever will not result in your email being flagged to HR.

out of office message examples for holidays

5. informational or promotional

If you have something to promote, a good place to plug the information is in your out-of-office email. If you know that the other party may not need to wait around for you to get the information they are seeking, be sure to include the appropriate details, links or sources in your email.

out of office message examples promotional

co-workers and boss cannot appreciate your sense of humour?

Even as we all take a break for our well-deserved vacation, or just some personal time off work, it is still important to make ourselves available for urgent work matters. 

However, if you feel that you are unable to get any me-time during your leave because people just won’t stop calling your emergency hotline, maybe it’s time to consider a career change, one that actually allows you to take a breather when the time calls for it.

Connect with us and let us help you find a culture that not only appreciates your sense of humour, but also offers distraction-free leave days for you to take a mental break from work.