Job scams can be much more than just a waste of your time and energy. A successful scam can potentially end with money stolen from the victim or in some recent cases we have seen, leave the victim jobless should they leave their current role for the bogus “job opportunity”.

warning signs to look out for

  • Do not transfer any money - If your contact person is asking for payment to be made for services or for processing fees for certain items, it is likely to be a scam. At Randstad, we will never ask job-seekers for remuneration of any kind for our services, nor any payment or advantages in respect of expenses or otherwise (e.g. photocopying fees and visa processing fees).
  • Do not provide personal information - Your contact may also be asking for personal details such as name, identification number, passport, bank account or credit card details. Randstad consultants will know who you are before contacting you for a job opportunity, and will never ask for sensitive information such as bank account or credit card details. In addition, all recruiters should follow up with official e-mails to confirm any communication. If your contact refuses to do this, or does so with personal or non-official e-mails, it could be a scam.

when in doubt

If at any time during your job search you come into doubt about the job opportunity, there are steps you can take to verify the legitimacy of the role:

  • Contact the recruitment agency directly with the official contact details and ask about the consultant and job.
  • Contact the potential employer directly to see if the role being offered exists.

what to do

If you suspect you are a target of a job scam or have already been scammed, reach out to your local authorities immediately to report the crime.

If you are looking to start your job search, get in touch with us.