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We create true partnerships with organisations as they adapt and transform their workforce. Our talent mobility strategy and innovative approach to outplacement moves people into, through, and out of organisations to protect employer brand, minimise disruption, and improve engagement levels.

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outplacement services and career transition.

With the perfect blend of innovative HR technology and world-class career coaching services, we ensure a successful career transition and positive experience.

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why our approach works.

Our team-of-three helps every employee achieve their outcome. A certified career coach, a resume writer and a career concierge are empowered by smart technology that provides tailored job and learning opportunities.

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supporting career transition through 3 pillars for successful outplacement.

  • 1. career coaching

    Our experienced career coaches take the time to understand an employee’s personal and professional goals. We match each transitioning employee with a certified career coach based on industry knowledge and fit. They provide world-class career guidance, resources and motivation needed to help employees take the next step in their career.

    Our comprehensive career transition services offer.

    - unlimited, dedicated support. A low candidate-to-coach ratio provides transitioning employees with three times more coaching time. Our individualised career coaching sessions give employees the advice, motivation, and tools they need to pursue a new job in the same industry, seek a career change, become an entrepreneur, join the flexible workforce, or transition to creative retirement.

    - industry-leading HR technology. We keep employees engaged and accountable through a single, mobile-friendly platform that allows them to contact their coaches anywhere, at any time while checking job leads and managing job search progress.

    - priority access to jobs. Randstad RiseSmart has access to thousands of recruiters globally and can help employees network with potential employers.

  • 2. professional branding

    Hiring managers, recruiters, and HR decision makers typically spend only a few seconds reviewing a CV or online profile. With even the most seasoned professionals generally finding it difficult to write about themselves effectively, we do the CV writing for them.

    All of the employees you ask us to support can look forward to standout presentation of their career to date. Our professional CV writers are matched with participants based on their functional expertise and practice area. They are experts at:

    - crafting and customising CVs that are unique to each participant

    - writing keyword-rich CVs that make it through applicant tracking systems

    - creating professional branding materials within one week, accelerating the time to land

  • 3. job concierge

    Dedicated, full-time professional job concierges reduce the time job seekers spend searching, by delivering handpicked recommendations for roles, contacts, and employers.

    Each job concierge comes from a recruiting background, with a true understanding of how to match every employee they work with to relevant job opportunities.

    We can save time for your employees by going through outplacement support resources and hand-selecting the open positions that are most likely to lead to an interview. We focus on connecting them to the people who are most likely to influence their job searches and place them in new roles.

    Professional networking is still the best way to land a new job. Our job concierges know how to locate the most influential contacts and connect them with your employees – ensuring the most successful employment outcomes.

    As part of the Randstad family of companies, we have access to over 6,500 recruiters worldwide. Our job concierges match known recruiters to appropriate candidates.

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A global talent mobility firm, Randstad RiseSmart offers contemporary and innovative talent mobility solutions, supporting more than 1,500 clients globally in more than 80 countries and across 40 industries.

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