Engineers help build bridges, roadways and other critical assets in our infrastructure. Without them, little progress would be made in software advancements, the cloud or artificial intelligence. Engineers typically specialise in areas such as civil, software, electrical, chemical, biomedical, just to name a few. 

 With demand rising for their skills, attracting engineering talent requires a competitive salary, a strong employee value proposition and an overall strong employer brand - reflected in our latest 2019 Employer Brand Research report.

engineering sector trends
engineering sector trends

workforce lacks skills necessary to join the exciting engineering sector

Undoubtedly, engineering is one of the most important fields today, with nearly every industry relying on engineers to innovate their products, ensure quality and advance safety. While specialised engineering skills are in high demand, engineering businesses are not especially attractive employers.

In fact, the 2019 Randstad Employer Brand Research – a global survey of more than 200,000 employees and candidates in 32 countries – found that it ranks fifth among all sectors, behind ICT (Information and Communication Technology), fast-moving consumer goods, automotive and life sciences.

One reason is that among all sectors surveyed, the number of respondents who said they had the ability to work in this field was the second lowest, just above the energy and utilities sector.

In this world of work where economic growth out-strips talent supply, how can companies ensure that they have the best talent attraction and retention strategy to advance?

our research provides insights into:

  • employee value proposition factors that engineers seek in an ideal employer
  • gap between what engineers seek and what employers are perceived to offer
  • building employer brand loyalty in engineering

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