Randstad released the 8th edition of the Employer Brand Research report in Malaysia, capturing the voice of the local workforce as well as showcasing how talent expectations change with the economy and labour markets in 2023.

Over the past 3 years, Malaysia’s economy and labour markets have undergone unprecedented changes that have extended to how talent view and approach work. While competitive salaries and benefits remain invaluable to talent, workers are now actively looking for companies that support a more holistic and healthy work-life to make them feel good.

download the latest employer brand research report 2023
download the latest employer brand research report 2023

malaysians want more control in defining how work-life balance looks like to them

Following hybrid work during the pandemic, 53% of respondents in Malaysia revealed that they were required to return to an all-office working arrangement in 2023. This is a 16% increase compared to 2022.

1 in 2 Malaysian employees have considered leaving their employer to improve their work-life balance. On the contrary, 35% of respondents will leave for a higher compensation to keep up with the rising cost of living.

top 5 reasons that drive malaysian employees to quit

1. to improve work-life balance 50%
2. lack career growth opportunities
3. low compensation and rising cost of living
4. received an offer they could not refuse
5. employer shows poor leadership

Malaysian workers want autonomy in shaping a work-life routine that works for them, and flexible work options can help them realise that vision. However, companies are keen on returning to pre-pandemic work arrangements to drive productivity and create opportunities for employees to engage with one another to build a stronger company culture.

job seekers look for hybrid work
job seekers look for hybrid work

Enforcing an all-office work arrangement may backfire as it can result in resistance and disengagement among employees as well. Employers need to actively listen to what their employees want and consider the benefits and drawbacks of how different work arrangements would impact job satisfaction and productivity.

work generations most likely to change jobs

gen Zers 37%
gen Xers

According to the report, 1 in 3 respondents intend to change jobs this year. 42% of Millennials, between the ages of 25 and 34, were found to have the biggest desire to switch jobs among all respondents. Generation X workers, aged 43 to 58, on the other hand, reported the least desire to shift careers (29%).

non-monetary incentives impact employee job satisfaction and engagement

The 2023 Employer Brand Research also revealed that 69% of Malaysians consider non-monetary benefits important. These benefits are defined by initiatives that do not provide direct financial compensation to the employees. Instead, they offer intangible benefits to improve employees’ job satisfaction and work-life quality.

In addition to flexible working arrangements, Malaysian workers prioritise having positive relationships with their managers and colleagues.

top 5 non-monetary benefits employees want

1. good relationship with my manager 96%
2. flexible work arrangements
3. convenient location
4. good relationship with my colleagues
5. more autonomy to perform my role

Work-life balance is no longer about rigidly dividing your day between work and personal life. Advancements in technology and increasing work demands have blurred boundaries. With hybrid work arrangements, job responsibilities have merged into various aspects of our lives and redefined how Malaysians view work in their lives.

Having a strong support system at work built on trust, understanding and clear communication help to alleviate work-related stress and drive greater workforce productivity. Employers should focus on building a supportive working environment and prioritise well-being so that employees can feel satisfied with their work. Companies that work hard to foster a desirable work environment would be better positioned to attract talent who share the same values.

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