Your employer brand should be curated for a broad audience. People want to work with your company because you are good at what you do and believe that you are the guidance they need to achieve their career aspirations.

4 ways to ensure that your employer brand appeals to the people you need to get your business going:

1. identify demographic gaps

Use satisfaction surveys, stay or exit surveys or any other talent analytics data you may have available to see if you are failing to attract or retain a particular demographic group and explore reasons why. This could signal the need for cultural change and the evolution of your employer brand.

2. do the research

Educate your leadership team on the needs and desires of different age groups, genders and those with wide-ranging qualifications and socio-economic backgrounds. Comprehensive, benchmarked studies like the Randstad Award employer branding research can help you discover what matters most to each of these groups when choosing and remaining loyal to an employer. Use these findings to build an inclusive employee value proposition.

3. speak with one voice

Ensure your employer brand is inclusive, but consider tailoring campaigns or communications for different employee groups you want to target. Seek advice from brand experts as to how to create the right visual identity, key messages and tone of voice to connect with each individual audience.

4. spread the word

Encourage your people across the generational divide to be brand ambassadors for your organisation. Use a wide range of media to reach every corner of the talent pool – from internal communication tools, to face-to-face networking, industry events, social and professional media and on campus media in schools and universities.