Employees are no longer afraid to speak out about their workplace experiences and the Internet has made it easier for them to share their stories with the world. Even the smallest episode can have a lasting impact on how the organisation’s employer brand is perceived by job seekers and employees.

the most powerful voice in building a strong and compelling employer brand comes from your people.

Candidates are drawn to authentic anecdotes from your own people that echo their expectations of an ideal employer. You stand to gain genuine advocates for your company and secure future talent when you inspire your employees.

A positive employee experience is guided by company values and business objectives, and aligned with employees' career aspirations and personal values. When done right, employers can successfully distinguish their employee value proposition from competitors and appeal to the talent they need.

complimentary white paper: 'enriching the employee experience'.

Using the latest results from our annual Employer Brand Research and through an actionable framework, you can gain new insights on what it takes to motivate people to join your company and why the employee experience is the future of work.

the randstad employer brand research 2018 white paper covers:

  • the importance of investing in employee experience
  • mapping the employee experience journey
  • key employee motivators and detractors
  • reimagining the employee value proposition
  • solution-focused design to create the best employee experience fit

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