The brands people would most like to work for in 25 markets globally were revealed today with the announcement of the winners of the Global Randstad Award 2016. Market winners ranged from Google, IKEA, and BMW to Hewlett Packard, Suntory and IBM.

global randstad award 2016

The Randstad Award is the world’s biggest employer branding survey, polling over 200,000 respondents in 25 markets that cover 75% of the global economy. It asks respondents to rate the attractiveness of their country’s largest employers (for the winners of all 25 markets, see below).

As in the previous two years, IT is the most popular sector with survey respondents globally. The second most popular sector is Consulting, with Life Sciences in third place.

best companies globally
best companies globally

Please refer to the media release on our global website for more information. If you are interested in employer branding, you may also check out these employer branding related resources.

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