The Malaysian manufacturing sector was relatively unfazed by the pandemic. The pandemic has created a ‘new normal’ which has spurred manufacturers to accelerate their organisational transformation process. For manufacturers, this includes adopting advanced technology such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI), both key elements of digital transformation and Industry 4.0. 

Sruthi Nambiar, Associate Director of the supply chain and sales & marketing talent recruitment at Randstad Malaysia, expects to see more hiring activities in the fast-moving-consumer-goods (FMCG), chemicals and healthcare sectors moving into 2021. 

In the future, most jobs in manufacturing will likely have an element of digitalisation. It is important for candidates to be equipped with strong digital skills so that they can do their work more effectively and efficiently. Employers in manufacturing will increase their hiring appetite for these technologists, especially project managers, solution architects, software engineers and cybersecurity experts. 

2021 labour and salary trends for manufacturing professionals 

More candidates will be willing to change jobs in 2021. However, this comes with the caveat that the prospective company is financially stable not only in Malaysia, but also in their overseas markets. Companies that remain committed to their global expansion and investment plans will be perceived as having the financial ability to offer a more stable income and job security. 

Candidates are also likely to favour job roles that can give them exposure to digital technology, so that they can upskill and keep up with the digital transformation within the manufacturing industry. Some jobseekers are even willing to accept job offers that are of the same position and salary if the job comes with the opportunity to further develop their digital skills and knowledge.

download job market outlook in malaysia 2021
download job market outlook in malaysia 2021

key highlights in the manufacturing industry outlook in 2021

  • evolution of job responsibilities and required skills for manufacturing in 2021. 
  • anticipated job mobility of professionals across industries and different levels of seniority. 
  • salary snapshots for 15 in-demand manufacturing jobs.


download the digital copy of the malaysia 2021 market outlook and salary snapshot.

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