• 77% of respondents said that their employers expect them to be available for work outside of their regular working hours. 
  • 89% per cent of mature respondents (above 55 years old) will respond to work-related emails, messages and calls at a convenient time after they left the office. 
  • 76% of millennial workers (age between 18 and 34 years old) will work outside of work hours. 

Ms. Jaya Dass, Managing Director, Singapore and Malaysia at Randstad said, “Many experienced Malaysian workers are extremely loyal to their jobs, and they often stay with an employer for a very long time. This is because their employers have rewarded them fairly over the years, by giving them the opportunity to upskill and rise through the ranks. As a result, mature workers tend to work after hours, not just because they feel more responsible for their work but also to protect their stature in the company.”

millennials work habits
millennials work habits

millennials can’t switch off while on vacation

Even though 69% of younger workers said that they are able to let go of work easily while on vacation, 64% found themselves responding to work-related calls and messages.

Smartphones are blurring the line between work and play. For digital natives whose every aspect of life is dependent on a smartphone, it’s even harder for them. Once they receive an email notification from their bosses or colleagues, they would feel compelled to read or reply immediately.

This culture of instant gratification has led many young employees feeling even more stressed and frustrated about their work. Instead of engaging with their peers behind the screens, younger workers are encouraged to connect with their colleagues at the workplace, so that they can establish more meaningful relationships and learn more while on the job.

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