As organizations work to define their role in a global society, their employees are watching out for opportunities to develop their talents, sharpen their skills and stay relevant in an ever-changing economy.

Rapid changes in technology have been witnessed across nearly every industry, with robotics and machines taking over positions that were previously manned by humans. Now, professionals are finding themselves employed as "knowledge workers" in positions that are less focused on vocational skills and more focused on critical thinking and problem-solving. That means these individuals need professional talent development and opportunities to develop as employees to stay on top.

offer training for emerging technologies

If companies don't train their employees in emerging technology, they stand to lose productivity and let employee potential go to waste while at the same time potentially losing time and money.

New software and information management systems crop up every day, giving companies and their employees ways to streamline their work and improve the outcomes while tracking results. In order to use these resources well, employees need training to understand how to use the new technology. When they master the new concepts, they can implement these programs more effectively and transform the way they work.

rely on expert advice

Training doesn't do anyone much good if it is not accurate or relevant. So, ensure that employees who receive training are getting advice from experts who know their products or their craft.

By investing a little bit more into these professional development opportunities, companies could save more in the long run -- avoiding the expensive endeavor of retraining and the mistakes that come from employees needing to relearn new skills. 

provide valuable professional development

Above all, ensure that employees get the professional development that they think will make them more competitive in the workplace. Dedicated individuals know their industry inside and out, and if they can choose the optimal professional development opportunities -- ranging from workshops and seminars to national conferences -- they can increase their knowledge and expertise tenfold. The best professional development consists of opportunities that reward both the employee for being a devoted staff member and, by affiliation, the company that benefits from the skills gained.

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