With the introduction of several pro-buyer policies in Budget 2020, the property space can expect to see more local and foreign buyers express interest next year. As a result, we anticipate a corresponding increase in the demand for high-quality as well as green residential and commercial buildings.

While recruitment activities are expected to increase this year, firms will be more selective in who they want to bring on board. Construction companies in Malaysia are actively building a pool of talent with specialised skills to ensure a healthy pipeline of projects and drive innovation.

malaysia construction outlook
malaysia construction outlook

candidates’ salary expectations

It is not uncommon for Malaysian employees to look around for new job opportunities, even when they have a stable job. However, job seekers should note that employers tend to hire candidates who demonstrate a certain level of loyalty to their past employers over those who switch employers every two years.

Candidates and employees in the construction industry are also aware of how the market’s growth has declined over the past couple of years, and its implication on the labour demand and salary averages.

In 2020, we anticipate that employees who stay with their employer will receive an annual salary increment of between 2% and 7%. Construction professionals can expect a salary increment of up to 15% when changing employers.

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key highlights in this year construction industry outlook

  • top three areas of growth in Malaysia’s construction space
  • in-demand skills and roles in construction
  • tips on how to effectively manage candidates’ salary expectations

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