With a push to get more buyers into the market to clear oversupply of properties in Malaysia, the industry is now poised for further robust development and expansion. This means companies must prepare themselves for that, starting with their workforce.

In a highly-competitive environment, it is not uncommon for companies to seek experienced talent to drive project completion, and build a healthy project pipeline to ensure business continuity. Supported by strong funding, some property firms are also leveraging this ‘cooling period’ as an opportunity to increase their activities and expand their market share.

However, there will be a handful of companies that will continue to adopt a ‘wait-and-see’ approach, as they draw up a vision of how Malaysian’s property market can potentially benefit buyers in the long-term.

property market trends in malaysia
property market trends in malaysia

candidates encouraged to build more dynamic portfolios

In 2020, property companies in Malaysia will have a preference for candidates who are equipped with transferable skills, flexible in the way they work and have relevant project experience. These candidates are highly sought-after as property firms can place them in different projects regardless of type and scale, fulfilling their operational goal of keeping overhead costs low. 

Employees who are employed by global property players are often well-compensated through bonuses. These property professionals usually find it difficult to move as they often expect their new employers to offer up to 50% more in terms of salaries and bonuses to match their current wages. However, this high expectation narrows their options when they are looking for new opportunities. 

2020 market outlook and salary snapshot malaysia
2020 market outlook and salary snapshot malaysia

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key highlights in this year’s  property industry outlook  

  • targeted areas of growth in the local property landscape
  • labour trends and in-demand skill sets in Malaysia’s property space
  • candidates’ salary and benefits expectations

other industries covered in the 2020 report include:

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