This great social experiment has proved to reluctant business leaders that innovation is the answer to their ongoing challenges and that working from home is no longer an impossibility, but a reality. Many have even reported that they are more productive and efficient, which further motivate businesses to explore other benefits that can be achieved through technology. With the impact of digital transformation and digitalisation, Malaysia’s job market is geared for steady growth in 2021.

2021 employment trends and skills demand

The demand for technology has created an urgent and unprecedented demand in Malaysia for tech talent, across all companies and industries. 

Whether they are in banking, retail, manufacturing, logistics or hospitality, companies are starting to make plans to invest in developing their talent capabilities in Internet of Things (IoT), software development, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, blockchain technology, robotics and more. Organisations are also devoting more resources to improve digital literacy skills among their employees through robust training programmes. 

We expect that technology-empowered industries such as e-commerce, fintech, logistics & supply chain, manufacturing, research & development, as well as medtech & biotech, will continue to see solid growth in 2021.

With constant change and innovation, companies must stay agile and find new pockets of growth in 2021. Business leaders who saw this crisis as an opportunity for change and a chance to depart from old ways that are no longer relevant in the ‘new normal’ will be able to experience new growth. On the other hand, companies that are neither agile nor courageous enough to change, will find it increasingly difficult to survive in this climate. 

In the 2021 edition of the ‘Randstad Malaysia Market Outlook & Salary Snapshot’, you will find that the focus on technology advancements and talent development have created more job opportunities for the local workforce.

download job market outlook in malaysia 2021
download job market outlook in malaysia 2021

key highlights to the salary snapshot and job market in malaysia 2021   

  • COVID-19’s impact on Malaysia’s labour market and businesses 
  • in-demand jobs and skills in technology, construction and manufacturing
  • a quick look on the salary of the in-demand jobs in Malaysia 
  • expected job mobility and candidate expectations across industries


download the digital copy of the malaysia 2021 market outlook and salary snapshot.

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