The world of work as we know it will never be the same again. 

For the longest time, employers refused to believe that remote work at scale was possible. But after the COVID-19 pandemic forced companies to transition to remote working, both employers and employees have found that their work environments have not only changed, but improved.

is remote work the future?

We live in the digital age where remote working is an increasing fact of working life. As long as there is trust, empathy, and structure in an organisation and strong company support, employees can remain productive and thrive at their workplaces. 

There are mutual benefits of remote work for both employers and employees. Improved work-life balance, enjoying higher productivity, reduced costs and greater agility are just some of the ways remote and flexible work arrangements can be mutually beneficial.

Now more than ever, workers see remote and flexible work as a standard employee benefit in their company of choice. Companies have to reckon with these changing trends, and move with the times or risk getting left behind.

what do these new expectations and experiences mean for the future of work?

Armed with quantitative studies, extensive research, and qualitative interviews with 16 human resources professionals across Singapore, Malaysia, and Hong Kong, ‘the future of work is remote’ white paper looks into how these changes will impact the way employees work and how organisations will lead in the next normal.

‘The Future of Work is Remote’ white paper outlines the expectations of employees and employers on remote and hybrid work as we prepare for the future of work. However, the design and implementation of hybrid work is not as easy as it sounds. Business leaders have to learn, unlearn and relearn how to manage their workforce and build trust within their organisations to nurture a culture that breeds innovation.

future of remote working
future of remote working


download our exclusive 2021 white paper: 'the future of work is remote'.

the white paper covers the following topics and courses of action:

  • Adjusting your teams and workforce to remote work
  • Redesigning your office workplace
  • Building trust and leading your hybrid workforce
  • Navigating a hybrid learning & development environment
  • Embracing new organisational technology to nurture an innovative culture 

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