It is no secret. Technology is the key driver of economies around the world, including Malaysia’s. Governments and companies are pumping resources to build capabilities in big data and analytics, cloud, artificial intelligence and machine learning as well as automation and robotics.

These new technologies will not only improve productivity and increase efficiencies; they will also generate cost savings in the long-run.

shortage of skilled tech talent.

Tech talent are not just highly sought-after within the technology scene, but also in financial services, manufacturing and supply chain as well as construction and property industries. Organisations in these industries are stepping up investments in new technologies - such as automation and robotics, cloud and digital services - to drive efficiencies, stay competitive and minimise costs.

Malaysia is no exception in this global drive to achieve digital adoption, entrepreneurship and innovation, which has led to a growing number of job opportunities. With just a limited pool of skilled candidates, the war for talent is looking to be even more intense than before.

Man in polo shirt, looking at his desktop. India. Primary color: red.
Man in polo shirt, looking at his desktop. India. Primary color: red.

using technology to achieve work-life harmony.

To keep up with the pressure to innovate, it is not uncommon for technology professionals to work on multiple projects with very tight deadlines.

A work-life index published by Kisi highlighted that Kuala Lumpur is the fourth most overworked city, just after Tokyo, Singapore and Washington DC. People in Kuala Lumpur work an average of 46 hours a week, with 22% of them working more than 48 hours. Malaysians work an average of 15 hours more than their contracted hours every week.

Despite these long hours, employees are not delivering. Kuala Lumpur reportedly has the highest productivity loss. When people are overworked, stressed and lead unhealthy lifestyles, such as skipping meals to meet deadlines, it inevitably increases the risk of health problems. Poor physical and mental health may also lead to higher levels of absenteeism and organisation productivity losses in the long-run.

based on the results from 2019 Employer Brand Research, the report highlights:

  • how companies can strengthen their employer brand to court skilled tech talent
  • salary expectations of tech professionals in Malaysia
  • why is it important to create and drive an always-on learning culture in technology


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