• 85% of Malaysians said upskilling & re-skilling are important, but 24% did not receive adequate support from their employers.
  • 37% of Malaysian workers fear job loss, with two in five Gen-Xers feeling the pressure.
  • 36% of survey respondents said they would consider leaving their job for better career growth opportunities.

Randstad launched the latest edition of the Employer Brand Research report in Malaysia, revealing insights from the local workforce and emphasising evolving talent expectations in response to economic and employment market challenges.

Commissioned by Randstad and independently conducted by Kantar TNS, the 2023 Employer Brand Research report aims to educate employers about how the changes in talent expectations in the Malaysian workforce would impact their ability to attract and retain talent.

Rapid technological advancements, such as artificial intelligence and automation, have transformed and redefined many job roles and responsibilities in Malaysia, leading to a talent gap and heightened concerns about job security. This digital acceleration has put immense pressure on employees to adapt and integrate technology into their work. Today’s employees want to work for companies that can equip them with the necessary tools and knowledge to develop critical skills, enabling them to feel more prepared to navigate the ever-changing digital economy.

download the latest employer brand research report 2023
download the latest employer brand research report 2023

malaysian employees want more support from their employers to upskill and re-skill

The survey also revealed that 81% of Malaysian employees consider professional development important, but only 61% of them have adequate opportunities to do so. Examples of professional development in this context include career promotions, mentorship or exchange programmes, and networking at seminars or conferences.

Diving deeper, 85% of survey respondents said that upskilling and re-skilling are important to them, but 24% did not receive enough training opportunities and support from their employers.

Of the generations surveyed, millennials are the most invested in upskilling and re-skilling (61%), followed by Gen Xers (53%) and Gen Zers (49%).

the importance of upskilling and re-skilling across generations

said that upskilling is very important said that re-skilling is very important
gen Zers
gen Xers

With the emergence of new technologies, numerous job positions have undergone notable transformations, necessitating a substantial shift in employees’ technical and digital skills. As such, talent are looking for employers that prioritise their professional growth through ample development and learning opportunities as well as the chance to apply their skills at work. Employees who feel secure and empowered in their careers would be more confident to innovate and motivate others.

Implementing training, learning and development programs for employees can help companies foster a culture of continuous learning, enabling employees to improve their technical and soft skills. This will better position them as an employer of choice as talent in Malaysia are always looking for organisations that invest in their learning and development for job security, digital skills development and more rewarding careers.

higher salaries motivates malaysian employees to upskill and re-skill

From a list of 16 employee value proposition (EVP) factors, Malaysians ranked “attractive salary and benefits'' the most important element they look for in an ideal employer. In the same survey, 35% of local respondents said that they would leave their employer for better compensation to cope with the rising cost of living in Malaysia.

job seekers seek fair compensation in malaysia
job seekers seek fair compensation in malaysia

Malaysian job seekers have high expectations for their employers to support their professional development as a way to be promoted into more prestigious roles and receive higher compensation. Employers that provide clear paths for promotions and career advancement opportunities are more likely to attract a diverse talent pool, demonstrating their commitment to setting their employees up for success.

When talent are given the opportunity to grow within the company, they will also be less likely to consider competing offers from other organisations. When individuals feel valued and invested in their current company, they will remain more engaged and motivated, contributing to the overall success of the business.

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