Millennial and Generation-Z workers are always thought to be the “job-hopping” generation, but reports have found that they aren't the only workers with a “lack of loyalty” in the workplace. According to the latest Randstad Employer Brand Research, 29% of Gen-X workers want to leave their employer in 2020.

Undeniably, there are a fewer number of people who are looking to switch employers during a pandemic as job and income stability gain importance. However, this does not change the sentiments that these workers have of their career development options, and they may want to make the switch once the labour market stabilises in the near future.

But why would the generation of workers that are deemed to be more loyal and more committed than their younger counterparts actively look for new jobs?

recognising generation-x in the workplace

Born between 1965 and 1980, Generation-X employees’ contributions are often forgotten and work credits are often shared with their team. With limited positions available at the top, it is a rat race amongst those in the middle-level to prove that they are capable and ready. This often results in the need to meet stretch goals. With a career stagnation and lack of opportunities, it is likely for Generation-X employees to look for jobs that offer them a more respectable position and higher pay.

Loyalty and longevity are commonly known Generation-X characteristics. Employers should remember that these workers hold important organisational knowledge. Though many employers have the misconception that Gen-X workers are lacking behind their younger peers in terms of newer skill sets, research has consistently shown that Gen-Xers are willing to learn and pick up new skills. If the Generation-X employees in the workplace are highly capable and are just as competitive as the younger employees, employers ought to reward them fairly.

reasons why employees leave
reasons why employees leave

key highlights of the guide:

  • be more involved and aligned with Gen-X employee expectations.
  • be invested in your employees’ career development.
  • create opportunities aligned with employees’ purpose and values.

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