Gen-Z employees, who are born between 1995 and 2015, are seen to have a different set of personality traits and working styles from Millennials and Gen-X workers. Employees from the latest generation to enter the workforce are more likely to voice their opinions, want their questions answered quickly and feedback to be shared with them constantly.

Reports have also consistently suggested that Generation-Z employees are more likely to look for companies that are aligned with their personal values and goals. With younger workers seen to not settle for mediocrity, many companies are still trying to figure out how to attract and retain Gen-Z workers.

what does gen z value in the workplace
what does gen z value in the workplace

what does gen-z want in the workplace

Gen-Z are opposed to the idea of being chained to their work desk from 9 to 6. Gen-Zs want to have the opportunity, flexibility and autonomy on when and how they want to work. Having the control over how they do and deliver their work gives them a sense of ownership.

However, the expectation on work flexibility should not be confused with general unwillingness to put in effort in work. Being hardworking, enthusiasm and motivation to learn are some of the characteristics of Generation-Z in the workplace. Therefore, managers must be able to provide young workers with resources and guidance to help them develop professionally, and check-in with them regularly to avoid having to deal with office burnout.

More and more companies are also starting to offer robust employee benefits and new initiatives that will appeal to younger workers. These new incentives are usually aimed at promoting a healthier lifestyle to increase productivity and creativity.

key highlights of the 2020 gen-z employer brand report:

  • employee benefits that will help drive work productivity
  • fostering a sense of togetherness
  • creating work opportunities that are aligned with the gen-z’s purpose and values
  • learning and development for generation-z workers

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