If you ever wonder how job seekers shortlist the employers that they want for, you’re at the right place.

The Nurturing Authenticity in the Workplace white paper seeks to explore how companies can pivot to align their talent attraction strategies with the evolving values and expectations of today’s workforce.

key insights of the white paper:

With data-driven insights from three Randstad studies - Talent Trends, Employer Brand Research and Workmonitor - this year’s edition look at:

  • The impact of technology and artificial intelligence on employees productivity and capabilities
  • Investing in the development of leadership and soft skills
  • Crafting a climate-conscious culture to attract passionate talent
  • Promoting equality, diversity and inclusion to attract like-minded talent
  • Strategies to foster good workplace relationships

Download your copy today to keep up to speed with what’s shaping this new world of work.

download the 2023 randstad white paper.